Lowell, Blake & Associates is an independent registered investment advisory firm based in Boston.

When Jim and Susan Lowell founded LBA in 1974, they had a pretty radical idea. They sought to create a firm that put client interests first. Really first. They rejected Wall Street research, proprietary investment products, hidden fees, and other conflicts of interest prevalent at the time and still problematic today. They intentionally broke the mold of traditional investment firms that relied on exclusivity, fine print and commission-based service models.

We have grown as a firm over the years, but still hold to our founding principles – independence, transparency, fairness and obsessive commitment to client interests. LBA is employee-owned, conducts its own unbiased investment research and strives to build lasting, rewarding relationships with clients.

We are fortunate to have a team of professionals with distinct talents and diverse interests, but among the characteristics we share is a real love for the work we do. Our team is thankful for the opportunity to help clients build a holistic and meaningful understanding of their financial lives.