If we were to boil down the LBA philosophy into a simple phrase, it would be: Know what you own and why.

This is our guiding thought in all client interactions. We feel it is essential that our clients understand how their hard-earned assets are invested, and by extension, understand how retirement planning, tax management, estate planning and other financial elements work together to advance their personal, professional and family goals.

We’ve built our business to foster transparency and client education. That means selling no financial products, accepting no compensation except client fees, conducting our own independent research and promoting candid two-way communication at every step.

At the account service level, our philosophy ensures clients understand the thinking behind investment recommendations and portfolio adjustments. Stock selections are backed by in-house research reports written in clear, client-friendly language.

Our commitment to open communication provides transparency, helps clients increase their financial knowledge and ensures that our investment guidance takes clients’ evolving objectives into account.