Financial Life Planning

Our goal is to empower clients with guidance on the entirety of their financial lives, including budgeting, estate planning, tax considerations,  and other life circumstances. Planning for long-term success.

At Lowell, Blake & Associates, Inc. we understand that investing is only part of the financial planning equation. Our goal is to empower clients throughout the entirety of their financial lives, with guidance on budgeting, tax considerations, and preparing for specific life circumstances.

Preparing for Your Future

Our clients know we will always do everything in our power to help them navigate life’s bumps, transitions, and triumphs. We help clients manage all aspects of their financial needs, including:

No matter what your needs and priorities are, LBA can help you achieve your financial goals.

Targeted Expertise

To supplement our team’s extensive market and industry knowledge, LBA has a network of external professionals that we can tap into for specific expertise in fields such as tax planning, estate planning, real estate, and healthcare. These specialized experts provide added wisdom to help us directly support our clients’ financial needs through all of their life and business transitions.