What Makes Us Different

At Lowell, Blake & Associates, Inc. we pride ourselves on our independent thinking, our integrity, and our personal approach to meeting our clients’ needs. Here’s what sets us apart from other advisors.

We’re employee-owned

LBA is an independent, employee-owned firm. Remaining independent has allowed us to deliver the best possible services and investment ideas. We do not sell products and are not accountable to a higher entity or to imposed sales quotas.

We invest with our clients

Our 401(k) plan is managed in house and includes the same securities that we recommend for our clients.

We conduct our own research

We do all of the legwork on our investments, without falling under the sway of Wall Street’s next big idea. This gives us unique insight into emerging trends and investment themes. Our ideas originate internally, through our network of professionals, our Investment Committee, and even our clients.

We charge a low, flat fee

We believe an ethical investment advisor is one who charges a fair fee for helping clients invest successfully and in harmony with their principles. That’s why our fees are low compared against industry standards even though our level of service is unmatched.

We keep our clients in the loop

We never initiate trades without our client’s full knowledge and consent. We find that clients gain a sense of comfort and empowerment when they are involved in the investment process. In addition, we believe the best way to serve clients is to understand their needs and create a balanced portfolio of individual stocks and bonds that reflect those needs.

We focus on individual stocks and bonds

We believe that the best method of generating strong, long-term returns is to create a carefully chosen selection of individual stocks and bonds with the proper risk/reward characteristics. Accordingly, we do not invest in ETFs or mutual funds.

We believe in disciplined, long-term investing

Our investment choices are considered with a long-term focus. Therefore, many of our holdings remain in accounts throughout full market cycles. From 2005 through 2015, our annualized portfolio turnover rate was just 10%.

We use a true team approach

All of our investment decisions are made as a team. We have weekly research meetings and account reviews, during which we discuss and decide on a variety of different ideas and investment themes to incorporate into accounts.