Independent & Unbiased Advice

Because LBA is an independent, employee-owned firm, we answer only to our clients—with no bias from corporate quotas or incentive schemes. Clients come first.

Because Lowell, Blake & Associates, Inc. is an independent, employee-owned firm, we answer only to our clients. That lets us provide expert advice without bias from quotas or incentive schemes.

A Contrarian View

As independent-thinking, contrarian-minded advisors, we don’t let “herd think” influence our judgment. We do our own vigorous research and analysis, without relying on sources with ties to special interests. Instead of using mutual funds, we hand pick our recommended stock and bond investments based on our ongoing assessments of markets, trends, and specific companies.

Independence—Not Isolation

In addition to our own in-depth research, we get investment ideas from a wide range of colleagues and industry experts. Four times a year we assemble the collective wisdom of a diverse group of experts who make up the Lowell, Blake Investment Committee. These business and finance leaders bring unusual depth and quality to the discussion, thus ensuring that our team, however knowledgeable, doesn’t become isolated or complacent in how we view things.

See how this approach helps clients meet their financial objectives through investment services, financial life planning, and fiduciary services.