Investment Philosophy & Principles

We don’t just make investment recommendations; we help clients build a truer understanding of their financial lives. We focus on your financial health.

At Lowell, Blake & Associates, Inc. we don’t just make investment recommendations; we help our clients build a truer understanding of their financial lives. Our philosophy includes both a focus on longevity and a commitment to helping clients identify and reach their goals.

Jim and Susan Lowell founded LBA in 1974 for the purpose of providing personalized financial advisory services, planning, and support to individuals, families, nonprofits, businesses, and foundations. We have remained independent to allow for true collaboration and independent thinking within our ranks. We deliver a unique level of service to our clients, which engenders close ties and trust with them over the long term.

The Big Picture

LBA’s analysts focus on investments that support the long-term financial health of our clients. We are not swayed by fads or temporary shifts in individual stock prices and markets. Instead, we focus on industry and sector-specific trends that will have a lasting impact. Our detailed comparative analyses identify companies that have positioned themselves for growth by using financial resources wisely, making sound management decisions, and innovating to improve products and services.

A Client-Focused Process

Our goal is to provide extraordinary value for our clients at every step of the investment process. We review every portfolio at regular intervals, making specific recommendations based on each client’s priorities, goals, and changing life experiences. We have a five-step process for identifying promising investments, based on our own meticulous research:

  1. Identify developing and ongoing market trends and themes.
  2. Gather data to establish the strength and longevity of these trends and identify industries that fall within them.
  3. Run a comparative analysis on the valuation, financial strength, growth trajectory, and qualitative factors of companies in relevant industries.
  4. Determine how the stocks of promising companies will fit into client portfolios.
  5. As a team, decide whether to incorporate companies into specific portfolios.

Transparency & Communication

We make sure that clients understand the thinking behind our recommendations and agree to any changes before we make any portfolio adjustments. Our open communication policy provides transparency, helps clients increase their financial knowledge, and ensures that our investment approach takes clients’ evolving objectives into account.

In addition to personal communication, our research reports, market insight, and LBA newsletter keep our clients informed and up to date.