High Ethical Standards

LBA takes social responsibility personally. Our high ethical standards apply both to our work with clients and to our investment decisions. Responsible can be profitable.

Our high ethical standards apply not only to our work with clients but also to our investment decisions and to the community programs we support.

Ethical Investing Is Sound Investing

Companies that are well positioned for future growth tend to be those that have in place sustainable management and financial practices. That’s one reason we take factors such as management integrity into account when in our analyses. Because of the freedom we have as an independent, employee-owned firm, we never endorse or push specific financial products aside from the core set of individual stocks and bonds that we all own.

Unique Investment Projects

Over the years, we have made a variety of investments designed to build strong local communities in New England, including these:

MENTOR Charitable Fund

The MENTOR Charitable Fund, established by LBA’s founders to make a difference in the lives of individuals and families, continues to be managed by LBA today. MENTOR (which encompasses a commitment to Medicine, Education, Nature, Tolerance, Opportunity, and Responsibility) is a charity that works to:

Recent grants have supported foster and community-based programs for adolescents and young adults, distribution of surplus crops to families in need, and a clothing distribution center, among many other organizations and programs. Feel free to contact us for a current list of grant recipients.