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Lowell, Blake & Associates is an independent employee-owned investment firm built for discerning investors who value a candid, unbiased and customized experience.

At LBA we’re beholden to no one but our clients. We answer to no corporate parent. We rely on no Wall Street research and avoid all conflicts of interest. Our fees are clear and fair.

In short, because our only purpose is to guide clients to important financial goals, we never compromise our principles and won’t ask you to.

Our fees and policies are transparent.

Our recommendations are based solely on unbiased in-house research. We sell no financial products. We answer only to our clients, not to sales quotas set by a corporate parent.

Clearly transparent

Every aspect of our business is an open book – from fees to investment philosophy to fiduciary level of care.

Proudly conflict-free

We rely solely on in-house investment research to avoid all bias and conflicts of interest.

Stubbornly independent

With no corporate parent to please, we’re fully focused on meeting the high expectations of our clients.

LBA Monthly View | July 2022

– Notables: Rising prices, quality of vehicles, 5G smartphone trends, China’s real estate market
– Company Highlights: Pepsi, American Town, Amazon, Keurig Dr. Pepper, Alphabet
– On Our Minds: What is a Yield Curve Inversion? Why Does it Matter?


LBA Monthly View | June 2022

– Notable: price of avocados, US personal savings rate, gas prices, “crypto winter”
– Company Highlights: PAR Technology, Enterprise Products Partners, Alphabet, Apple, Keurig Dr. Pepper
– On Our Minds: Looking beyond the recent rate hikes


Reflections & Observations: Long-Term Focus

In this newsletter edition we cover the following:
– Importance of Staying Invested
– E-Commerce Growth
– US Housing Market
– America’s Energy Renaissance
– Irrevocable Trusts
– Central Banks